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The Project

Making healthcare transitions easier for everyone, Aidin improves patient outcomes by connecting providers, partners, and payers in a seamless digital platform.

The Work

In 2019, Solertium partnered with Aidin internal developers for a complete rearchitecture and reengineering effort, combining two previous generations of Rails-based fullstack MVC apps into a new unified version with a React frontend.
Solertium continues to be a development partner with Aidin alongside other outsourced and internal teams. Particular focus areas for the Solertium development team have been prototyping and demonstration projects for digital signatures, document analysis, and third-party platform integration.

The Partners

Russ Graney, James Dempsey, Carl Scott, Akanksha Karwar, Jenn Scheer, Rob Heittman, Sam Graham, Alison Heittman, Will Laurance, Barry Lee, Aidin, Solertium