Solertium - Smart Software Team
We develop web and mobile apps with standout brands and great causes, all around the world

Standout brands

We create great self-service interactive experiences with clients like The Freddie Awards,, Market 2day, and more. Our varied projects with brand partners include online voting platforms, mobile and kiosk ordering, point of sale, art installations, search engines, scheduling systems, and even medical devices. We have special industry experience in travel and aviation, health care administration, e-commerce and payments.
solertium \ˈsō-ler-sh(ē-)əm\ noun: the collective ingenuity or skill of the group

Great causes

We've been working to save the world with software since we started, partnering with IUCN, UNEP, TRAFFIC International, EIA, the Center for Conservation Biology, Conservation International, UNCCD, and others. Our projects include citizen science applications for tracking osprey and nightjars, the expert system powering the data behind IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, and tools for gathering population and trade data for elephants.
Making users happy since 2006

All around the world

On a daily basis our software is in use around the globe. Name a language or a currency, and we've probably worked with it. We understand the challenges of deploying and supporting international applications.
What we're thinking about