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The Project

Stop wasting your points! point.me is a flight search site for credit card and frequent flyer points. It knows the rules for transfers and special deals, and searches dozens of partner websites to find flights for the least points.

The Work

The Solertium team provided user experience consulting and front-end engineering for an American Express cobrand of the site in Angular, then led an update of all frontend systems to use React and Next.JS.
Solertium continues to work with point.me in an ongoing capacity providing senior front-end engineering, user experience, systems architecture, and devops consulting.

The Partners

Adam Morvitz, Tiffany Funk, Lewis Hall, Sanjay Sharma, Jordan Rozum, Jimmy Yoon, Divya Tiwari, Jaganath Kamble, Ganesh Jegadheesan, Samar Kundal, Jenn Scheer, Rob Heittman, Alison Heittman, Sam Graham, point.me, Turing, Club Jenn, Solertium