\ˈsō-ler-sh(ē-)əm\ (noun): the collective ingenuity or skill of the group

small but mighty

It turns out that a tight team of three enthusiastic senior resources can accomplish a lot when they set their minds to it.

team players

Our most successful projects tend to have one key thing in common: active client participation as an integrated part of the team.

passion for code

We are relentless in our pursuit of knowledge, embrace development on a variety of platforms, and search for the best technical fit for a challenge.
Get to know our smart software team

Alison Heittman

Solertium's Chief Executive Officer is a Librarian, a Jersey Girl, a philanthropist, and a professional shatterer of preconceptions.

Rob Heittman

Solertium's CTO has been making useful things for science, tech, and business since 1982. He's currently in love with Tailwind and Next.JS, building on Vercel and AWS, and everything iOS, but he's always ready to join the next revolution.

Sam Graham

Sam joined Solertium in 2019. With fullstack Javascript development responsibilities and a natural affinity for requirements management and quality assurance, he wore many different hats throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure Solertium and its customers survived and thrived.