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Rob Heittman

Chief Technology Officer

When young Rob disappeared into his Atari game console's BASIC Programming cartridge for days at a time, his parents decided he needed to level up, and bought him a new Atari 800. He started learning assembly language the next day, and has been a passionate polyglot programmer ever since.
Along the way, Rob started the process of computerizing customer service for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. From there, he co-founded, a content management startup that grew to over 200 employees and built an impressive global customer base. Notable projects included PRINT Magazine, US News and World Report, Car and Driver, and Institutional Investor Magazine.
Rob has provided technical direction for large-scale, multi-year technical projects for major global NGOs including Conservation International and IUCN, the World Conservation Union. He has also overseen the technical implementation and technical operations for mobile apps and mobile web sites in the hospitality sector serving millions of users annually.
His most recent work is with the FIND art and cultural laboratory at New York University Abu Dhabi, developing engaging and experimental online experiences.
Despite wearing many hats and taking on many business roles over the years, Rob would still rather spend the bulk of his time writing awesome code. Fortunately, his job at Solertium allows him to do just that!
He can still remember most of the 6502 processor instruction set.
What I've worked on
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