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Protected Planet

The Project is the online interface for the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA), a joint project of UNEP WCMC and IUCN, and the most comprehensive global database on terrestrial and marine protected areas. Protected Planet lets you discover the protected areas of the world through exploring the maps and intuitive searching, feeding you information from the WDPA, photos from Panoramio© and text descriptions from Wikipedia©. Solertium is pleased to be a partner on the project, giving an assist with integrating the protected area data from the Protect Planet Ocean project.

The Work

Team Solertium participated in a prototyping sprint with UNEP, IUCN, and Vizzuality, as well as two other implementation sprints. With such an internationally diverse team, the project was fortunate to be able to repeatedly get developer stakeholders together for work sessions.

The Partners

Craig Mills, Simon Tokumine, Amy Milam, Andrew Cottam, Louisa Wood, Javier de la Torre, Sergio Álvarez Leiva, Javier Santana, Alison Heittman, Rob Heittman, Liz Crump Schwartz, Adam Schwartz, UNEP WCMC, IUCN, Vizzuality, Solertium