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Elephants In Peril

The Project

Solertium is the development partner for Save The Elephants, a recipient of a 2011 Google Tides Foundation grant sponsored by Google Earth Outreach. Elephants In Peril, a web site about the recent surge in ivory demand and elephant poaching, is one of the outcomes of the grant. The site aims to be a highly shareable and referenceable source of curated content and original research, bringing together many hard-to-find resources in one place, alongside the latest news.

The Work

Map visualizations are powered by Google Fusion Tables and Google Maps Engine. Responsive design using Twitter Bootstrap. Content management and web framework using Ruby on Rails.

The Partners

Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Gemma Francis, Jake Wall, Rob Heittman, Alison Heittman, Save the Elephants, Tides Foundation, Google Earth Outreach, Solertium