Rob Heittman, Jack Garzella, and Scott Banning representing MyFlightSolutions at the 2019 WATS show in Orlando, FLPan Am bespoke sales order dashboardPan Am bespoke sales order data entry screens

MyFlightTrain v8

The Project

MyFlightTrain is the scheduling component of MyFlightSolutions' suite of integrated technology solutions for general aviation flight schools and airline training centers.

The Work

Solertium partnered with the MyFlightSolutions team for a major rewrite of the mature MyFlightTrain product. Previously on fullstack Rails MVC and MySQL, using traditional server-based hosting, the V8 update featured a complete Rails backend rewrite, a new React based frontend, and a transition to scalable Kubernetes-based operations. The new version centers realtime communications, so updates made by any participating scheduler, app, or kiosk are immediately reflected on all other screens.

The Partners

Jack Garzella, David Fritz, Red West, Scott Banning, Eric Shorkey, Sam Schmitz, Rob Heittman, Alison Heittman, Sam Graham, Barry Lee, Will Laurance, Carl Scott, MyFlightSolutions,com, ???, Solertium