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Market 2day

The Project

Market 2day's mission is simple: to grow the local food economy by making it easier and more accessible to busy people – which really is almost everyone today. With a mobile app that is easy to use for both vendors and consumers, Market 2day facilitates delivery and pickup orders from local food vendors and farmers' markets.

The Work

Solertium is Market 2day's primary development partner. Our executive team worked with founder Insa Elliott to develop and release the initial version of the consumer-facing app, and we have continued providing primary technical direction, development and devops support as Market 2day has grown throughout the Boston area.

The Partners

Insa Elliott, Stephanie Marmier, Rob Heittman, Alison Heittman, Sam Graham, Will Laurance, Barry Lee, Dara Chilton, Market 2day, Solertium, 7 Lucky Dogs