Market 2day App Updates for Customers and Vendors

We've been hard at work with the Market 2day team this Fall, working on new features for both customers and vendors: reordering and ledgers.
Customers visiting their Recent Orders screen are seeing some changes. We've added more context to their currently submitted orders (orders that have been placed but not yet fulfilled). When they check their fulfilled orders, in addition to being able to see what they ordered, they can now see when the next events are for those markets and when the ordering windows will be open. And if an ordering window is open, they can easily reorder all or part of their past order.
For vendors, the focus has been on providing data on past market events in one view. Vendors can now view and download ledgers for their past market events. Detailed information on what products they sold, quantities, fees, and amounts earned are now easily accessible on the new Ledger screen.
Solertium is proud to be the technology partner for Market 2day. Especially during this pandemic, we're happy to be able to support the farmers market community and the people who buy from them in the Greater Boston Area.
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