Happy point.me launch day

Last year we partnered with the amazing team of points pros at point.me to lend our expertise in user experience consulting and front-end engineering to help to bring their vision for making it possible for travelers to find the best flight deals.
Officially launching today, point.me is a flight search site for credit card and frequent flyer points. It knows the rules for transfers and special deals, and searches dozens of partner websites to find flights for the least points.
This has been an especially fun project for us to be a part of, not only because Rob, Sam & I all LOVE to travel and also get a great deal while doing so. The team at point.me - Adam Morvitz, Tiffany Funk, Lewis Hall, Sanjay Sharma, Jordan Rozum, and Jimmy Yoon - are all brilliant. They're passionate and true experts on all the minutiae about flights, credit cards, frequent flyer points, and how to spend them. They care about their users, and really focus on creating a great experience while sharing some quite complex information about how to search for and transfer points to purchase the best flight.
Another fantastic thing for us on the point.me project: partnering up again with Jenn Scheer from Club Jenn. When we need someone with the wide skillset of product management, design, user experience, and developer chops (seriously, she does it all), she is the first person we reach out to. We're so happy that Jenn has been able to join us on this wild ride.
We're thrilled to be a part of this launch, and can't wait to see where the world of points and travel takes point.me in the future!
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