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Hutan Aceh

The Project

Dedicated to generating greater transparency over the management and use of forest resources in Aceh, Hutan Aceh combines real-time information from the ground and government data to help us better understand resource allocation, drivers of deforestation, and to identify forest and wildlife crimes. Solertium is proud to be a partner with the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and the Coalition Concerned for Aceh's Forests (KPHA) in its creation and ongoing development.
Hutan Aceh allows users to interact with GIS data related to timber, palm oil, and mining concessions in Aceh, the habitats of elephants and orangutans, layers related to various forests and ecosystems, and more. Users can also add their own ODK field surveys and create polygons. In addition to the spatial data, users can also view and update detailed concession and related permit data, and also view and upload new publication information to help keep the community informed.

The Work

Hutan Aceh is implemented in Ruby on Rails using the Twitter Bootstrap framework. GIS data management and map visualizations are provided by CartoDB. Field Surveys and related images are added via mobile devices using Open Data Kit (ODK) forms.

The Partners

Tomasz Johnson, Chris Moye, Agung Dwinurcahya, Tezar Pahlevie, Alison Heittman, Rob Heittman, Carl Scott, EIA, Solertium