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FIND: Forming Intersections & Dialogues

The Project

FIND is an ambitious cultural laboratory from New York University Abu Dhabi. Short for "Forming INtersections & Dialogues", FIND brings together the UAE landscape and the voices of artists and scholars in both a historical and contemporary context. Our ongoing challenge as part of the Design Team is to create a bilingual (Arabic and English) online presence that pulls together FIND's stories, notebook posts, workshops, and digital initiatives.

The Work

The FIND site is implemented in Ruby on Rails and leverages the Twitter Bootstrap framework for its responsive layout.

The Partners

Sherri Wasserman, Salem Al-Qassimi, Mo Ogrodnik, Alaa Edris, Bianca Arkeen, Alison Heittman, Rob Heittman, Carl Scott, NYU Abu Dhabi, Fikra Design Studio, Solertium