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Bullritos iOS & Android Apps

The Project

Bullritos has high standards for the visual impact of everything they do. Solertium worked extensively with the talented Bullritos marketing team and OLO to give their iOS and Android mobile ordering apps their own unique look and feel. Bullritos was the first application to launch using the OLO SDK in 2012.

The Work

Bullritos is based on the OLO SDK, a framework for mobile ordering created by Solertium for OLO. An extensive build and test framework using CoffeeScript and Appcelerator Titanium allows Solertium to rapidly iterate on both Android and iOS targets.

The Partners

Heather McKeon, Maureen Zivic, Andrew Murray, Will Laurance, Alison Heittman, Rob Heittman, Bullritos, OLO, Solertium