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Species Information Service Toolkit

The Project

The Species Information Service Toolkit ("SIS") is used by biologists around the world to gather data and publish assessments to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, the authoritative worldwide reference on threatened species and a measurement tool for the United Nation's Millenium Development Goals.  Hundreds of specialists contribute thousands of changes per day: managing the taxonomy as well as drafting, editing, reviewing, and approving species assessment data. An expert system based on the published categories and criteria evaluates the data to verify the species' Red List Category (Critically Endangered, Vulnerable, Least Concern, etc.).

The Work

  • Google Web Toolkit, a technology for compiling Java into browser-based applications
  • Ext GWT (GXT for short), a widget library for browser-based applications
  • Hibernate, an object-relational mapping technology
  • OSGi, a framework for dividing Java programs into hot-pluggable modules
  • Restlet, a framework for writing web services in the REST architectural style
  • The Partners

    Jim Ragle, Ackbar Joolia, Craig Hilton Taylor, Caroline Pollack, Rasanka Jayawardana, Julie Griffin, Jennifer O'Sullivan, Rob Heittman, Alison Heittman, Carl Scott, Adam Schwartz, Elizabeth Schwartz, Dave Fritz, Tiffany Broadbent, Matt Ritter, IUCN, Solertium