Unsustainable fishing and hunting for bushmeat driving iconic species to extinction

The IUCN Red List has pushed through 100,000 species barrier; now including assessments for 105,732 species. 28,338 species are threatened with extinction.
Today’s IUCN Red List update also shows that fishes collectively known as Rhino Rays and False Shark Rays have been assessed as Critically Endangered.
Also, over half of Japan’s endemic freshwater fishes and over a third of freshwater fishes in Mexico are headed toward extinction. Loss of free flowing rivers and increasing agricultural and urban pollution are the two main causes.
Lastly, hunting combined with habitat loss has pushed seven species of primate closer to extinction, according to the updated IUCN Red List.
Species are assessed using the Species Information Service Toolkit, an application built in partnership with Solertium and IUCN. You can read more about today's release on the IUCN website.
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