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Osprey banding libby alison carl
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Alison Heittman

Chief Executive Officer

Alison discovered the web in graduate school for library and information science. After a few years as a research librarian, she was lured by Rob’s content management startup to create their information architecture group (Rob was smart enough to see that the websites they were building were growing in size, and who better to organize content and access to it than a librarian?). Since then, Alison has embraced almost every job related to developing websites and web and mobile applications. She loves digging in to multi-language projects, and appreciates the opportunity to travel to work on the ground with Solertium’s clients and users. Enabling user feedback and facilitating their support is her passion; she loves seeing people interacting with her projects.
When not wireframing dream apps or making lists for anything and everything, Alison can be found playing with her corgis, creating a culinary masterpiece, or reading something.
What I've worked on
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