2013 Freddie Awards Go Mobile

The voting period for the 2013 Freddie Awards launched on February 15, 2013. This was our third year working with the frequent traveler industry on their voting application for their annual awards, and every year it just gets better.
After much feedback from 2012, the focus this year was on enabling a mobile-friendly voting experience. Transforming the desktop version to mobile was not without its challenges; a lot of time was spent on the user experience and the overall flow through the voting process, ensuring that it is friendly for its international audience (the site is translated into English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish).
The mobile version, like the desktop version, runs on Google App Engine for scalability. The client-side user experience is created using jQuery Mobile, and the server side uses the Flask microframework, written in Python. The entire platform is slowly being migrated to Python, including the GWT and Java code currently powering the desktop edition.
Also for 2013: we migrated both the desktop and mobile versions to Solve Media's CAPTCHA solution. Voters now see a CAPTCHA that is relevant to the market segment (travel ads, etc) and easy to complete.
Voters can visit vote.freddieawards.com from their desktop or mobile browser and vote for their favorite frequent traveler programs now!
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