The 2019 Freddie Awards!

The votes are counted, and tonight we celebrate the voice of the frequent flyer at the 29th annual Freddie Awards!
With 7,090,800 ballots cast, it's been a busy voting season. This year we worked closely with Ed Pizzarello and the team at The Freddie Awards, prepping the ballots, updating program artwork, and getting all the translations in - including the addition of English-UK. And then testing, and testing again, before opening up voting February 15th through April 1st.
It's always a thrill for me when I see the social media posts from voters or the programs. Even more fun is when I spot an email blast from one of the programs and can hop in to watch the live analytics. I love building applications that get a lot of use, so watching people around the globe interacting with our voting app in real time is a treat.
This year the awards ceremony is being held at the C.R. Smith Museum in Dallas, TX. Check out the Winners Circle on the Freddie Awards website.
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