The 25th Annual Freddie Awards is Tonight!

Tonight the Freddie Awards is celebrating their 25th Anniversary at the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta, Georgia.
Every year, the Freddie Awards recognizes the best in travel loyalty programs. They want to know who you think has the airline, hotel, or credit card loyalty program that gives you great service and value. And here at Solertium, we help them do that by creating and supporting the application that produces the ballot and gathers all the votes. For 2015, we worked with Ed Pizzarello, Randy Petersen, Denny Butts, and the team at House of Miles to fine-tune the voting experience and add an onboarder to help new voters. In addition, voters can also now vote in Arabic.
With over 10 million votes cast, it's been a busy voting season! Good luck to all the programs tonight. You can read up on who wins by checking out the Winners Circle on the Freddie Awards website.
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