Partner Profile: Jen O'Sullivan

Jennifer O'Sullivan published her very first online content to a rarely visited Gopher site in the early 90s, and yet somehow managed to convince other people she knew what she was doing.
Lucky to live in entrepreneurial New Orleans during the dawn of the Web, Jen was recruited to design GUIs for first-generation ecommerce solutions while working her way through college. After earning degrees in French and International relations, she tossed her first plan to go to law school for the champagne dreams and caviar wishes of the emerging digerati. Over her nearly 20 year career in online publishing, Jen has worked on just about every sort of project from mom-and-pop bookshops to super top secret military intelligence portals (don't ask or she'll have to... you know).
Having worked on both sides of the client-vendor relationship, Jen brings a unique perspective to her web projects. She knows just how frustrating it is when you can't get someone on the phone, and how challenging it can be reading people's ever changing minds. Jen works hard to understand your business and your goals so she can deliver exactly what you want, not what she thinks will look good on her CV.
These days Jen mostly concentrates on her other passion: teaching yoga to stressed and worn Washington, DC professionals. Following the Buddhist principal of 'right livelihood,' Jen offers graphic design and online communications consulting services to small businesses and non-profits that work to support a healthy planet and improve the quality of life for people everywhere.
Our team and Jen go way back. Way, way back to the late 90s, when Rob & I worked with Jen at a startup in Alexandria, VA. We have great respect for her as a professional, and appreciate our friendship. Jen is a great resource to draw on when we need a fresh pair of eyes on the UI. This past year, Jen participated in the UI improvements for the SIS Toolkit, and, most recently, the design of our new site, launching today. We hope that you like it!
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