CCB Preps for the 2013 Season with

Solertium helped the Center for Conservation Biology get ready for a new season of counting nightjars with the Nightjar Survey Network website. With, volunteers go out on scheduled bright moonlit nights, stop at 10 points along a predetermined 9-mile route, and count all the nightjars heard or seen during a 6-minute period. It takes about 2 hours, and anyone can sign up.
Are you interested in adopting a route, but you don't know what a nightjar sounds like? can help with that. And once you've counted all your birds, return to and log your data to help the Center for Conservation Biology, as well as other local and national organizations, learn more about nightjar populations across the United States.
Solertium has been excited to partner with the Center for Conservation Biology to release two citizen science applications: OspreyWatch, an international monitoring program for osprey, and now the Nightjar Survey Network.
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