Launched! Five Guys Android App

We are proud to announce the launch of the Five Guys Android App. To say that it's been a fun project would be an understatement; we are having a great development experience working with the teams from Five Guys and OLO.

Clear Goals

One thing that can make a custom software development project go smoothly is when the customer is able to communicate exactly what they want, and consistently provide feedback toward that vision. We were fortunate in that Five Guys had very clear goals for how they wanted the app to function and to look, and they have been excellent at providing very targeted feedback during development, alpha, and beta testing.

Great API

The app was developed against the API for the online ordering site from OLO. Their developers were incredibly responsive and collaborative during development and testing, and the variety of data available via the API has allowed us to produce a very feature-rich product. We are really enjoying our partnership with them on this project.

Release Early and Often

Yes, we built the app for Android first. Sure, if you know us you know we drink the Google Kool-Aid, but mostly it was determined to hit the Android Market first because there is no approval process. When it was ready, we could push it out and get it into the hands of the Five Guys fans. And if needed, we'll be able to push new builds out in response to any unforeseen issues. The whole team is determined to please the Five Guys fans with this app, and the level of freedom and responsiveness that the Android Market simply can't be beat.
The Five Guys Burgers and Fries Android App can be downloaded now from the Android Market. We hope you like it!
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