An Ocean of Awareness

Solertium is proud to be a technology partner of the Protect Planet Ocean portal.

In mid-2008, Dr. Dan Laffoley and the steering committee of the Protect Planet Ocean initiative asked for our help integrating exciting new Google technologies into a proposed new Web portal. The timetable was short. Dozens of stakeholders were contributing. And the key elements of the project relied on technologies in alpha or beta, with feature sets changing from week to week.
Together with IUCN, Google, and the other Protect Planet Ocean partners, we launched Protect Planet Ocean on schedule at the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona, in conjunction with a Google Outreach Marine Protected Area layer that offered a tantalizing glimpse of things to come in Google Earth coverage of the ocean.
Now, with the release of Ocean in Google Earth, we look forward to helping fulfill the promise of Protect Planet Ocean, bringing millions of new Earth-surfing minds to a deep awareness of the plight of the oceans, and the urgent efforts needed to save the world's last frontier.

We're ready to do it all over again.

What's the next challenge? We look forward to hearing from committed non-profits with enterprising ideas for using new technology to save a challenged world. We're immersed in the Google developer community, pioneers of open source, and wizards of the iPhone.
Portals. Databases. Online, offline, and mobile systems. Mapping and GIS. Impossible deadlines and tight budgets. We've been there, done that, and are ready to do it again.
Contact us with your wildest ideas, and let's get started.
-- The team at Solertium
   Alison, Rob, Carl, Adam, Dave, Liz, Tiffany and Mary

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